A Wisconsin man with a felony warrant, stumbled into a home that wasn't his and refused to leave. What he told the cops to do was crazy! WeAreGreenBay

A 50-year-old Wausau, Wisconsin man was trespassing in a home, so the cops were called. He was refusing to leave the home that wasn't his, and had zero interest in returning to jail.


The "bad guy" with a felony warrant was armed with three knives. The woman that owned the home, and was inside...was able to escape safely. Whew! So when the police showed up, there was an intense showdown.

The trespasser told officers that they would have to shot him because he was NOT going back to jail. The standoff with officers lasted about an hour, and they finally convinced the man to peacefully walk out of the home. Man, the negotiators are a special type of person! When you are dealing with a violent criminal with bad intentions, and you can talk them out of their plans...that's such a remarkable talent.

The 50-year-old trespasser was taken into custody and charged with:

  • trespassing
  • disorderly conduct
  • felony bail jumping
  • resisting arrest
  • felony warrant 

Imagine the fear of this woman, a stranger comes in your house and refuses to leave! Great work by the Fond du lac Police Department in getting this man to surrender and not harm another or himself!

Fond du lac Facebook
Fond du lac Facebook

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