If you were given the chance, would you travel to another planet?

In an interview for eveningexpress.co.uk, Professor Stephen Hawking said,

“We are cosmic sloths enjoying the universe from the comfort of Earth."

That does sound like humans. Just give us a phone and a couch and we're fine.

"Humanity will have to head for the stars if it is to survive."

Would you be willing to volunteer to move to another planet?

“The Earth is under threat from so many areas that it is difficult for me to be positive."

Sounds like he is talking about the state of Illinois or even Rockford.

I think we can all agree, Rockford and especially Illinois has some serious issues that need to be fixed.

Let's take a look at this scenario.

You're living in Rockford, Illinois. You had enough and want to leave. Unfortunately, it would be difficult to do. The government is a mess, taxes are high, values are down, and you're unemployed. Not, the ideal situation to be moving.

NASA comes to town and announces, it's going to start sending people to other planets to live. They are looking for volunteers from Rockford and Illinois to do it.

Would you do it?

It gets you out of here, but then you have to live on another planet. At least, you know what is happening here. You have no idea what you're in for on a different planet. You could hate your neighbors now, but you don't know who you will be living by in a strange world.

Would you still do it?

What if once you went there, you couldn't come back. You're going to be thousands of light years away. It's not like you could jump on I-90 or grab a flight out of the Chicago Rockford International Airport.

Still interested?

I don't think I could do it.

It might not be a good fit for you, but do you think we should send people to other planets to live?

It will be interesting to see if it ever happens.

I think if there's a buck to be made doing it, then there is definitely a possibility.

Please let us know what you think.


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