I the last few weeks we've heard a lot about plane crashes. Now Boeing 737 Max planes are being grounded across the globe. According to WQAD.COM, In Waterloo Illinois yesterday another plane went down. This time it was a small private plane. Emergency responders approached the wreckage and they were able to pull out a toddler and two other people.

Police Sergeant  Trin Daws, was able to remove the child from the car seat and get the toddler to safety. Daws said" There was fuel leaking in front of us, that's when we heard the child crying, so myself and another gentleman who stopped by found a fire extinguisher and used it to break two windows out and then he cut the seat belt. The child was still in the car seat and we got him removed right away". There were two others pulled from the wreck, a woman and a man. They were reportedly speaking to emergency workers on their way to the hospital. No word yet on their condition.

From what we know now, the plane clipped a tree and that's what caused the plane to go down. The crash happened right around Sergeant Daw's home and tha'ts why they were able to make it to the scene so quickly. Daw's wife also witnessed the crash. She also kept the child warm until first responders arrived. It's just so amazing that everyone made it out of the crash. Thank god for Sergeant Daws.

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