Halloween is a really fun holiday, but don't forget about keeping your pets safe too.

I have two cats and they would never let me put a costume on them for Halloween. They would freak out and try to get it off as fast as possible. They aren't very social, so if you came by my house there is a very slim chance you would even see them.

So during holidays, like Halloween, it's important that I make sure they are comfortable and safe. If you don't exactly know how to take care of your pets during the holiday, here are some simple tips.

From petmd.com"Halloween Safety Tips For Your Pets."

  • Candy is not for pets - Unless you want to deal with a sick animal, keep the candy away.
  • Don't leave your pet out in the yard - There's going to be all kinds of strange activity in your neighborhood. It's best to keep the pets indoors, so they don't go crazy.
  • Keep them away from the door and confined away - Kids will be ringing your doorbell all night. Pets are curious and will get in the way.
  • Keep glowsticks away - They are fun, especially when it gets dark. Only problem, if your pet gets a hold of one they could break it open. That is toxic to humans and animals.
  • Stay away from pumpkins - If your pet becomes agitated from all the visitors, they could get angry and try to destroy items like pumpkins. Another thing not good for animals.
  • Watch candles - A fun Halloween decoration until it gets knocked over by a curious pet and starts a fire.
  • Electrical cords - Can electrocute your pet if they chew on one.
  • Dressing pets up in costumes - Many pets don't like it, so don't force the situation. It could make them very angry.
  • Don't wait until the last minute - If your pet likes costumes, try it out the day before. Just in case it doesn't work. Also, have a plan for your pet. That way you aren't panicked if your pet freaks out.
  • ID Collar - Your pet could become excited and take off. If they get out, this way it's easier to track them down.

Keeping your pet safe on Halloween will make it a much better experience.


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