We are going to get some nice weather this weekend in Rockford. Here are some tips on how to hang your Christmas lights to take advantage.

It's that time of year to put the Christmas lights on your house. Unless you are like the guy that lives down the street from me and you leave them up all year. The weather is going to be perfect the next couple of days to get it done.

Here are some tips thanks to familyhandyman.com.

The Ultimate Guide For Holiday Lighting

  • Don't overload outlets - Make sure you're not plugging too many things into one outlet. That can be very dangerous.
  • Light control - You don't want to have to go outside to turn the lights on and off. Make sure you have a timer, remote, or switch to use.
  • LED lights - They will cost more to purchase but will last longer and not cost as much to run. They are also more durable, work well in winter weather, and cool to the touch.
  • Testing - Make sure you test the lights before you put them up. If they aren't working that gives you the chance to fix them.
  • No ladder - Use an eight-foot pole, magnet, and steel hanger strap.
  • Use Clips - Install hanging clips you can use year after year.
  • Long hook for trees - A paint roller extension with a metal hanger on the end could help reach up high.
  • Avoid holes in siding - If you don't want to drill holes in your siding for clips, you can use clothespins.
  • Storing them for next year - There are a few different ways. You can use a hose reel, coil them into a bucket, put each string in a different plastic bag, on a spool, or a stand.

I hope these suggestions help you.

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