Everyone has an opinion and generally, people tend to keep them to themselves.

When it comes to pizza, everyone has an opinion and they voice it as loud as possible.

If it's their favorite, they let everyone know. If it's the worst, they'll also let everyone know.

How To Microwave Pizza with It Getting Soggy
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When it comes to pizza, I feel Rockford has some darn good pizza joints. While we might not get the national attention I feel some of those places should receive, there are some within driving distance that are getting some massive love.

Thrillist just put out a list of "The Best Pizzerias in America" and of the 25 nationwide pizza joints, three of them are in Illinois.

This Low-Key Tavern Has The Best Bang For Your Buck Pizza In Rockford
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Pequod’s Pizza developed a cult following by serving pan-style pizza with a “caramelized crust” edge. Mozzarella cheese is cooked along the edge of a cast-iron pan creating a crust unlike any other. Visit Pequod’s in Chicago and Morton Grove to try our famous caramelized crust for yourself.

Two locations, 2207 North Clybourn Avenue in Chicago & 8520 Fernald Avenue in Morton Grove

Spacca Napoli:

Over the decade that Spacca Napoli’s doors have been open we’ve been a part of countless life celebrations. First dates, birthdays, engagements, rehearsal dinners, even an impromptu wedding all highlight how lives, community, food and memories are woven together. We welcome yours.

Located at 1769 W. Sunnyside Avenue in Chicago

Vito & Nick's:

We are a pizzeria restaurant that's been specializing in thin crust pizza, and fine italian dining for almost 90 years. We are family owned with many years of experience in making the best Chicago thin crust pizza anywhere!

Located at 8433 South Pulaski Road in Chicago

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