You need to stay away from large gatherings or people, and stay masked up AGAIN, as COVID is on the rise in three different Illinois counties. NBCChicago

With the leaves changing colors and the temps dropping, it's time to grab you coat and hat...and your COVID mask, if you live in one of these three counties in Illinois.




These three counties have HIGH numbers of people with COVID, it's back and spiking. Warren County is closest to us, that is located near Iowa just to the west of us.

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These high community levels of COVID, includes hospitalizations, percentages of staffed beds being taken up by COVID patients. Also in these communities there has been dramatic increases in the number of people testing positive for COVID.

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Now while this returning "mask" situation gives us an eye roll, and a "oh god not again" reaction, this is simply a county by county recommendation. It is not "mandatory" just recommended.

The other two counties, Saline and Knox are located in Southern if you have family or friends down there, it's simply a recommendation...maybe just a call or text to people down that way to make them aware.

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These three counties are in the "high" risk zone, with another 102 counties in Illinois in the "medium" risk zone, that includes Stephenson County...Freeport.

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Don't shoot the messenger...Just passing along info, do what you want with it.

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