Last week I shared the story of Jenny Peak. She beat herself up as a bet over $12 with her step-dad. Well it turns out there was no bet, there was no ramming her head into a wall, there was no self induced ass kicking after all...this was a DUI mugshot!

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The story that went viral, turned out to be a little TOO white trash...and the truth was released. This isn't Jenny Peak the self ass kicked, this is Victoria Moore how drove while drunk and had a small accident. So we go from a very Jerry Springer moment to a dumbass drunk behind the wheel.

I bit on the story, and so did so many others across the country. When you deal with stupid news stories all the time, as far fetched as it was, it was still believable. One time I wrote about a guy that shoved several racks of ribs and whiskey down his pants at a grocery store. So a woman beating herself up for twelve bucks wasn't that odd. the fact that the step-dad paid up on the $12 bet and wouldn't pay the $4000 medical bill, had me saying "Jerry, Jerry, Jerry..." and loving this story.

Thanks to Starcasm for the correction and the real info. Credit where it's due, it was all a well put together hoax and the fact that I'm not the only one that fell for this viral story...I'm good with that.

Best of luck to Victoria and her Beavis & Butthead sized headwound.

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