How cold is too cold? Apparently this isn't quite as cold as it has been.

Whenever I'm cold, I try to think about when I was the coldest and compare. Most of those moments are from Bears games at Soldier Field (and one in Cleveland).

The amount of layers we put on in order to watch a football team... that usually loses... is pretty silly.

Sometimes just thinking about when I was colder helps me feel not as cold, which might be why Meteorologist Joey Marino shared this fact with his followers today.

Sure it's pretty darn cold here in the Stateline this week, but -26! I'm not sure I've ever experienced anything like that.

Probably not considering it's the third coldest day in Rockford's history.

The weird thing about those Bears games is we pay money to attend a freezing cold game, so it's something like a rite of passage to make it through all four quarters, yet somehow walking from my apartment building door to my car is horrific when it's less than ten out.

What sort of mental games do you play in your mind when you're cold?

I would suggest staying away from cold weather football games whenever possible, especially until the Bears start winning again... which ironically brings us back to Joey's post - from 1985! The year the Bears won the Super Bowl.

There's always next season...


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