Here is a list of things I never learned how to do.

I started laughing, but then I remembered. I don't know how to drive stick either.

I grew up in Villa Park, which is a west suburb of Chicago. When I moved to Rockford after college, I realized as a suburban kid there were some things I was never exposed to.

I always wondered if I grew up in Rockford, maybe I would have learned some of these things.

1. Drive a stick shift car - My Dad said he would never own a stick shift car because of having to drive in rush hour traffic everyday. When I asked him about learning how, he asked me why would I ever want to do something dumb like that.

2. Shoot guns - Our neighborhood had very little crime, so not much need to protect yourself. We weren't close to anywhere to go hunting, so that wasn't an option either.

3. Outdoor activities like camping, hunting, and fishing - My parents weren't the outdoors type people. When we went on vacation, they wanted to stay in a hotel. Growing up our vacations weren't about relaxing, they were about going to do stuff. Sitting in a boat for hours trying to catch a fish didn't fit into those plans.

4. Riding ATVs, dirt bikes, mini bikes, and etc - Growing up I never rode any fun off road vehicles like that. First of all, there weren't a lot of places to ride them. Also, my mom thought they were too dangerous. One of my friends had a mini bike and even with his dad there, she wouldn't let me ride it.

5. Play hockey - When I was a kid, it wasn't as easy to play organized hockey. There weren't youth leagues and very few high schools offered it. If you wanted to play, it was through a hockey club. It was expensive and they traveled every weekend for games. Plus, I had braces. My parents said they spent way too much money on my teeth to have them get knocked out.

I think if I grew up in Rockford, I would have learned how to do at least a couple of these activities.


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