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Like a lot of people, I really like watching The Office. It feels like it's gotten even more popular not that it's not even on the air anymore.

I see more and more merchandise for it now than I ever have before. In fact, the last time I was at Target I remember seeing a lego set for it.

Today however I saw one of the cutest Office inspired toys and it is made by Fisher-Price.

How many of you remember playing with Little People? My sister and I had the family house growing up and my girls have each played with their fair share.

I'm pretty sure these latest Little People were mostly made with adults in mind and with good reason they're super adorable! I can see fellow Funko Pop! collecters being interested in adding these to collections too.

Fisher-Price Little People Collector The Office via Amazon

The set retails for $19.99 and features Little People versions of Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute, Pam Beesly, and Jim Halpert. They're also a safe size for toddlers to play with, in case you know an Office obsessed fan who's kid should totally have these!

You might have to wait a bit though to get your hands on one of these as according to Fisher-Price's site every place that carries them is currently sold out.

But these equally adorable sets are available and totally rock!

Fisher-Price Little People the Beatles Yellow Submarine via Amazon
Fisher-Price Little People Kiss via Amazon

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