Safety is always important, these are the ten safest neighborhoods in Rockford.

With Summer just around the corner, safety for families becomes even more important. Your kids aren't going to want to sit inside all day like they did in the Winter, nope, they want to go out and play, so you need to know where the safe neighborhoods are.

Each year, Neighborhood Scout ranks towns based on crime across the nation.

Here's the list of the ten safest areas in Rockford. Did any of them surprise you?

  1. Churchview Dr/Spring Creek Rd
  2. New Milford
  3. Spring Brook Rd/N Perryville Rd
  4. Kishwaukee
  5. Spring Brook Rd/Spring Creek Rd
  6. Westmoreland
  7. Guilford Rd/N Perryville Rd
  8. Auburn St/ N Springfield Ave
  9. Highcrest Rd/N Alpine Rd
  10. Harrison Ave/Perryville Rd

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