There's a weird Illinois law that could go bye-bye soon. I was unaware that this was a legit law anyway! PJStar

Check this out, Bill HB2389

Amends the Illinois Vehicle Code. Provides that no motor vehicle, or driver or passenger of a motor vehicle, shall be stopped or searched by any law enforcement officer solely on the basis of a violation or suspected violation of driving a motor vehicle with any objects placed or suspended between the driver and the front windshield, rear windshield, side wings, or side windows immediately adjacent to each side of the driver which materially obstructs the driver's view. - ILGA.GOV

So here's the deal...Hanging stuff from your rearview mirror, it's illegal. The smelly tree, a sock, a pair of dice, two dirty socks...doesn't matter. It's illegal, don't do it! Or just wait for this to pass...

“Pulling someone over for merely having an air freshener attached to the rearview mirror is not only archaic, it’s ridiculous, amending the law by prohibiting traffic stops that encourage discriminatory practices will ultimately make our streets safer for both motorists and police officers.” - Secretary of State Alexi Giannoulias

Non-violent, non-threatening...Those are the types of reasons that this bill doesn't want you to get pulled over for. Why waste the valuable time of an officer, by having them pulling over a vehicle for the tree on your mirror, right?

“We need to do everything we can to reduce the need for police interactions with people for non-violent and non-threatening violations, there is no reason for police to pull over a vehicle just because they have an air freshener on their mirror or for many other minor infractions. Making this change in the law is too important to wait because it’s a safety issue for both the public and law enforcement." - Democratic Rep. La Shawn Ford of Chicago


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