Is it any surprise that the 'world's largest' corn maze is in a state known for being made up of 'mostly cornfields'? Take a look at this 28-acre monster.

The pumpkins have been picked, the cider and donuts are now wonderfully resting in your stomach, now it's time to burn those calories.

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Come have a blast while getting lost.

The world's largest and most intricate corn maze will take you on a nearly ten-mile trek through a gigantic live cornfield.

While the corn maze does cover nearly thirty acres, it is also divided into four smaller mazes, should you not have it in you to do the whole thing.

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Each of the smaller mazes have their own entrances and exits, so you could hit one, grab a snack, hit the second one, and so on.

None of the mazes have dead-ends either.

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I'm still trying to wrap my brain around whether that's a good or a bad thing.

Inside each of the corn mazes there are bridges you can walk up to give you a better view of where you are on the map. Some say it's helpful, others just got more confused. Getting your bearings inside this maze can be a really tough task.

Where is the 'world's largest' corn maze?

You'll find the maze on an over 150-year-old farm in Spring Grove, Illinois. Richardson Adventure Farm has been creating giant corn mazes for the past twenty years and this year they are celebrating 21 years of being A-Maze-ing!

From Rockford, Richardson Adventure Farm at 909 English Prairie Road, is about a 90-minute drive.

Richardson Adventure Farm via Facebook

it's not just corn mazes at Richardson Adventure Farm, you'll also find:

  • A 700-foot zip line
  • A 50-foot observation tower
  • An attraction called ORBiting!, where you ride inside a giant 11-foot ball
  • Live pig races
  • Jumping pillows
  • Giant slides
Richardson Adventure Farm via Facebook
Richardson "World's Largest" Corn Maze via Facebook
Richardson "World's Largest" Corn Maze via Facebook

From Richardson Adventure Farm's Facebook page:

We wanted to share a picture of Wendy Richardson on the tractor, rototilling the maze to get the final pristine look! We do this because the trails that are not done have green, growing weeds in them and are rough from the original planting. The tractor is visible (green John Deere tractor) just above and left of “Farm.” Rototilling kills the weeds and makes the trails very smooth for walking!

Richardson "World's Largest" Corn Maze via Facebook

Here are 5 other amazing Illinois corn mazes.

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