Plenty of people not from our state like to put the "S" on the end of Illinois when they say it, Bret Michaels I'm looking right at you.

Sometimes you can look at a word and wonder why a letter is even there, or in the "Aldi" case why isn't it?

From MentalFloss here are 5 Unusual Silent Letter Words:


  • PHLEGM - Ewwww...And what about that "G."
  • MUSCLE - Get pumped and forget about the "C."
  • PTERODACTYL - Fake new. Fake spelling.
  • ASTHMA - Two letters that don't belong, bonus!
  • RECEIPT - I've misspelled this one a bunch, thankfully all of my spelling is done on a device my receipts.


The word might come from France, or it's Greek, or whatever...Say it, spell it, say it again.


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