This is how you do the perfect water slide landing.


When I'm riding a water slide, I have just one thing on my mind as I'm reaching the bottom. I hope my swimsuit doesn't fall off.

Then I read this story on,

"A man riding a slide at the end, just rides the wave all the way to the pool deck, where he lands firmly on his feet."

That's very impressive.

Video: Water Slide Guy Sticks Landing by Gliding Over Water!

Do you think you could pull off a move like that? It's summertime, so there are plenty of places around us to try it.

Of course, there's Magic Waters here in Rockford. They've got some great water slides.

  • The Abyss
  • Double Dare Drop
  • Paradise Pipelines
  • Screaming Lizard
  • Tropical Twisters
  • Typhoon Terror

Also in Illinois, you have other water parks.

  • Raging Waves Water Park in Yorkville
  • Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in Gurnee
  • Grizzly Jack's Grand Bear Resort in Utica 
  • Key Lime Cove in Gurnee

Don't forget the water park capitol of the world is just north of us in the Wisconsin Dells.

  • Noah's Ark 
  • Mt Olympus 
  • Chula Vista 
  • Kalahari

My first experience at a water park.

When I was a kid, around twelve years old. We went to Florida for vacation. I had never been to a water park and really wanted to check one out. My parents had no desire to go. I don't think they even owned swimsuits.

We were in Tampa and there's a great water park there called Adventure Island. I begged to go there. My parents decided they would let me go.

They dropped me off there when it opened. They gave me some money for lunch and told me they would be back at 5pm to pick me up.

They went sightseeing and I had a great day at the water park.

When I tell that story to people, they freak out. How could your parents just drop you off and leave you alone all day?

You have to remember, it was completely different back them. Times have changed. They could never do that now.

Happy water sliding.


Video: Rockford IceHogs Kyle Baun & PC Labrie Read Good Night Moon

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