There is a legend of a lake monster that lives near Madison, Wisconsin.

When I first moved to Rockford, I heard stories about catfish the size of telephone poles that live near the dam in the Rock River.

Even though that sounds scary, in the world of water monsters that legend is pretty timid.

Outside of Madison, Wisconsin, there's one a lot more intimidating.

According to,

"Rock Lake is located 20 miles from Madison, WI, and is the alleged home of a lake monster called Rocky."

Rocky is said to be a lizard-type creature.

"There are even Native American legends from the area that tells of "a huge and terrible monster... a creature that had a large head, awesome jaws, and body likened to a serpent." 

The first sighting was in 1867 when a man tried to stab it with a spear which had no effect on the beast.

In 1882 during a rowboat race, there were several witnesses to the monster.

Rocky has been known to come to shore and feed on local farmer's livestock.

Do you believe this tale?


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