Social media can really make me question, well, everything. Facebook is FILLED with so much childish behavior from adults, that all you can do is laugh. From a county board chairman whining and finger pointing daily, city officials that love proving how smart they are, heads of local organizations that want to pat themselves on the back for doing what you are supposed to an adult. STOP THE MADNESS PEOPLE!

This is truly what social media SHOULD BE. Silly, fun, done with a chuckle. Ladies and gentlemen I present the I HATE CILANTRO Facebook group.

Coriander is an herb. Also known as Chinese Parsley, but around here we call is CILANTRO. These 250,000 people hate it, and this is awesome. This page is filled with reasons why cilantro tastes terrible, and lots of pictures of people giving the finger to the green nasty stuff.

Relax, don't take someones Facebook post too serious and go have a laugh with this page.


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