Remember movie theaters, those places we used to go see movies before we all had a personal theater in our own living room? A new survey asked people to name the most-annoying things people do at the movies.

And yes, talking through the film is #1.

Here are the top five:

  1. Talking. 65% said it's one of the most-annoying things you can do at a movie. Which actually seems low.
  2. Phone usage. That includes ringing, or just using your phone so it lights up in the middle of the movie.
  3. Loud eating or slurping. This includes opening / crinkling loud wrappers. For example, M&M's wrappers
  4. Making people get up during the movie, so you can go use the bathroom. We don't have this problem too much in Davenport, since there's so much room between seats. But there are still theaters around where this is an issue. If you're a person who has to frequently use the restroom, make sure to grab a seat close to the aisle.
  5. Laughing when something's not supposed to be funny. Like if you think the movie's bad, and you're just mocking it.

The survey also found the top people we enjoy seeing action, horror, and comic book movies with are our best friends. And our significant other is the #1 person to go see a romantic comedy with.

Read more at Mirror.

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