By pretty much every measure, last week's MLB at the Field Of Dreams game was an amazing success. A gorgeous corn-filled location, outstanding TV production work, a walk-off ending, and great TV ratings have ensured another trip to Iowa for baseball.

When Fox put out the word that White Sox-Yankees Field of Dreams game posted the highest ratings for a regular season baseball game since 2005, it wasn't really a question on whether or not MLB would want to do it again next year, the question was more along the lines of "who's going to be playing?"

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Not One, But Two Midwestern Teams Will Face Off In Next Season's Game

One of the teams heading to Dyersville, Iowa next year will be the Chicago Cubs, the other will be the Cincinnati Reds, according to sources linked to Major League Baseball (MLB). The tentative plan (MLB still has some things to work out) is for the Cubs and Reds to play at the Field of Dreams site on Thursday, August 11th, 2022, take a day off, then wrap up the series at Wrigley Field.

NBC-5 Chicago:

The day before last week’s Sox-Yankees game in Dyersville, Cubs manager David Ross let slip the fact the Cubs were to be part of next year’s game — before quickly trying to walk it back.

Then the next day, during pregame conversations with media, baseball commissioner Rob Manfred confirmed the league’s intent to bring back in 2022 an event that theoretically was a one-time thing.

“I think it’s pretty clear we’re going to be back next year, and we’ll have to talk about it after that,” Manfred said.

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Word has it that Kevin Costner has cleared out his schedule for next August.

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