I just want a burger full of cheese and bacon on a pretzel bun. Don't judge me.

Lately the one food I am craving more than anything is a burger. A big, fat, juicy burger topped with all the cheese and bacon my little heart can desire. Serve it up with a side of french fries and I'll be a fan for life.

The problem is, I'm weird about burgers. I will not eat a burger unless it is incredible. In my opinion, a fast food burger or a burger made with cheap ingredients is just not what I want. I want the real thing.

I'm drooling thinking about it.

I really, really want a burger, right now... but where in the world am I going to get one? Thanks to Yelp, the decision is narrowed down quite a bit. According to Yelp, here are the best places in Rockford to get a burger.


  • Martin P via Yelp
    Martin P via Yelp

    15th & Chris

    201 15th Ave

    Don't sleep on this place those burgers 5 for 5! I tried the 205 burger, pretty much burger/Italian beef so good! But the PB &J was on a whole other level Asian peanut zing with jalapeño jelly topped with slaw and fresh jalapeño peppers I will go back again and again for that alone! Comes with the garlic Parmesan fries so much food and the burgers and fries only cost 6.99! Real nice business and the the owner is a real nice guy who knows what he's doing! ~Nicholas B via Yelp

  • Jennifer C via Yelp
    Jennifer C via Yelp

    Buddy's Burgers

    6551 E Riverside Blvd

    If you're looking for a burger joint you have come to the right place. They give you many choices to let you create your one of a kind burger. I had a cheddar cheese with BBQ, grilled onions and mushroom burger. The BBQ sauce was very good! ~Alyssa B. via Yelp

  • Denis M via Yelp
    Denis M via Yelp


    501 E State St

    Ordered the bacon appetizer, and the 50-50
    Burger. Delish. The bacon was sweet and spicy, pepper and brown sugar. The burger was great with a fried egg. ~Brad S. via Yelp

  • Angela W via Yelp
    Angela W via Yelp

    Lucha Cantina

    1641 N Alpine Rd

    Service was outstanding.  The "Death by Bacon" burger was ... well - to die for. The 8oz burger cooked medium rare was amazing.  I didn't think that you could get a medium rare burger anymore. Everywhere else incinerates them. ~ Thomas J. via Yelp

  • Portillo's via Yelp
    Portillo's via Yelp


    6090 State Street

    Holy double bacon cheeseburger! Just delicious. Perfectly cooked which is important. Their fries are to die for, nice golden crisp. Definitely a place to visit while you are in Illinois period! ~Suzette A. via Yelp

  • Mimi J via Yelp
    Mimi J via Yelp

    Five Guys Burger and Fries

    611 Highgrove Pl

    The burgers are fresh and delicious! Best burgers in the Rockford area. Fries are very plentiful and this place is very clean. I highly recommend! ~Liz S. via Yelp

  • Brian C via Yelp
    Brian C via Yelp

    Pete's Tom and Jerry's

    5446 E State St

    The best burger you can find without overpaying... 5.99 for the meal makes it that much better. ~Derick F. via Yelp

  • Kristen O via Yelp
    Kristen O via Yelp


    6593 Lexus Dr

    What I will tell you is that they are on the same level as some of these gourmet burger establishments.

    My favorites here are their Bacon Cheeseburger, Western Cheeseburger, and Olive Burger. ~James R via Yelp

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