The Farmers Almanac, founded in 1792 has a lot to say about Winter Storm Bruce and maybe some other odd weather happenings in 2019.

According to Patch we will have a "warm and wet" winter in the new year. That's right, the winter of 2019 will bring us warmer temps and wet conditions this winter.

Above normal amounts of rain fall and not nearly as much snow is the work from the Farmers Almanac. The Almanac has an 80% accuracy rate btw...

"This winter, we expect to see above-normal temperatures almost everywhere in the United States, except in the Southwest, where we're predicting a colder-than-normal season, our milder-than-normal forecast is due to a decrease in solar activity and the expected arrival of a weak El Niño, which will prevent cold air masses from lingering in the North." - Farmers Almanac



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