When you come across an old school, factory, or even a hospital that has been abandoned...one thing that is always the same. NO power. You figure, this structure was left, the power was shut off, and there it sits. One location about 40 miles north of Chicago was left with the power STILL ON.


The Saint Therese Hospital in Waukegan, Illinois has been massive changes since it opened it's doors in 1929. It was a hospital that offered up a variety of services that at the time were seen as "groundbreaking."


The Saint Therese Hospital in Waukegan introduced a number of “firsts” in the Waukegan area, including the establishment of intensive care, inpatient psychiatric care, skilled nursing, comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation, as well as a department for social workers to help with the homeless and chemically dependent. - Abandoned Central

The actual building structure and campus that this hospital is on, changed over the years. The large majority of the former Saint Therese Hospital was permanently closed and left abandoned by the year 2020.


With Saint Therese Hospital being left abandoned, why would the power not be shut off? Our video tour takes us through the abandoned location, and there are the obvious "creepy" elements that go into an abandoned hospital. But when out tour guides can flip a switch and boom, power. Check out this incredible video tour:

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