Chicago Winter Parking Dibs Re-sparks The #FrozenPantsChallenge
Winter in Chicago is a whole different level of savage.
From the cold, to the snow, to the wind, it's some intense weather. So there's some issues that arise during winter months when it comes to street parking. If you have a garage or a designated parking lot you park in, consider you…
Obsessed With The New Bernie Meme? Get a Bobblehead Version
You'd think that on inauguration day, the President and Vice President would be the stars of the show. And don't get me wrong, they totally were. But the real star of the show - Bernie Sanders.
The best part, he didn't even really do anything...
EW! Here’s The Nasty Reason You Should Stop Eating Icicles
Raise your hand if your an adult and you still eat an icicle every now and then. (I better not be raising my hand alone here) You can admit it! It's something we do that makes winter feel like it did when we were kids. Remember waking up and seeing those BIG icicles hanging off of your roof...

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