Someone is Fired
In 2018 no company can afford to skip reviewing all products with print, especially marketing campaigns. Too bad the clothing giant H&M didn't remember to do this.
This Lady Crazy
This surveillance sparks up so many questions. Watch the obligatory "What, I didn't do anything" at the end.
Rockford Facebook Fail
Always remember to log out of Facebook if you're going to access your account from a public demo device at Best Buy. Luckily, for Wesley, only a hijacked status happened, and it's the best Facebook fail ever.
When Robots Fail [VIDEO]
It seems inevitable, doesn't it? It is not a question of if, but when. Robots will run the world and humans will just be here to do their bidding in a cosmic ironic twist. That's why I felt a sense of relief when I saw these idiot robots screwing up worse than Jeff Spicoli in History class…

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