Rockford's Best Facebook Fail
Always remember to log out of Facebook if you're going to access your account from a public demo device at Best Buy. Luckily, for Wesley, only a hijacked status happened, and it's the best Facebook fail ever.
When Robots Fail [VIDEO]
It seems inevitable, doesn't it? It is not a question of if, but when. Robots will run the world and humans will just be here to do their bidding in a cosmic ironic twist. That's why I felt a sense of relief when I saw these idiot robots screwing up worse than Jeff Spicoli in History class…
The Eternal Struggle of Man [VIDEO]
There are many answers that have always been beyond Man's grasp and will always. Things such as the meaning of life, what awaits us after death and how to get past this wrought iron forcefield. Enjoy the musical accompaniment and the look he gives the kid at the end...