Album Cover Guest Stars [VIDEO]
Album art is truly a lost art. Sure they make it still but it get no attention. I don't mean shocking either, I mean good old fashion art. Whether it's an original piece of art or photographs or what ever. One example of the power of album art is
Rockford Record Crawl
Yesterday, I posted a video of me with a copy of the Beatles' 1966 record Yesterday and Today with the butcher cover. Lori knows how much I love my record collection and that I would really appreciate it if she brought it in.
I add to my pile of albums about once a month...
I Handle the Holy Grail [VIDEO]
Lori brought me a gift today. Not one that I can take, but for this record lover, it was pretty cool. I held the Grand Poobah of albums in my hands today. It was released in 1966.