A popular brewery in Wisconsin has created a surprising new brand of beverages.

It Is Good For Companies To Expand Their Product Lines

I give credit to successful companies that continue to try and improve their products for customers. If they can create new brands for the fans, then that is a good thing. It is easy to sit back and live off what has already been done well, but inventing new items can take them to the next level.


Wisconsin's Sprecher Brewing Company Is Very Popular

The Sprecher Brewing Company is a very successful brewery in Wisconsin featuring some of the state's most popular beers.

According to sprecherbrewery.com,

"Milwaukee's Original Craft Brewery since 1985, when Randal Sprecher first opened our doors."


"Sprecher Brewing Co. has a long history as the oldest Craft Brewery in Milwaukee, and our story is one of devotion to craft, commitment to the community, and a drive to share our fire-brewed sodas and beers with customers nationwide."


"The popularity of Sprecher’s unique craft beverages has led to continued expansion of the Glendale, Wisconsin facilities."


Sprecher Is More Than Just Beer

After having success in the world of beer, Sprecher expanded their business to soda. They do that really well. It is very popular in my house. Some of their flavors include root beer, cream soda, grape, and orange to just name a few.

Sprecher Adds Surprising New Product Line

Since Sprecher has been so successful with its beer and soda, it would just make sense for them to try something new. This new venture might surprise you. The popular brewery has added lemonade to its resume. I guarantee you it will be tasty and do well. This new beverage line will feature several different flavors of lemonade including strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry to just name a few.

For more info, HERE.

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