Having a hobby or two is cool, a productive way to spend your time when you're not working. I enjoy fantasy football, I know Double T collects 8x10's of David Hasselhoff, and Jen Austin enjoys dog stuff. This Wisconsin man has a bizarre hobby, or habit, or....o.k. this dude is just a weirdo perv. SG

College student, Anthony Scholfield was busted breaking into the home of eight college aged women...stealing underwear. He didn't have the goods on him but admits he was the guy. This house was broken into a couple times previously.

So this is where it gets fun. Police did a search of this guys home to look for stolen merch. Here's what they found:


The undies were "hidden" in several locations in Anthony's home...in shoe boxes, inside a briefcase, and my favorite, even a Pokemon lunch box! Way to go Anthony, but where did you put the Pokemon cards then?

Schofield laughed off the investigation and the home search saying there was no harm in this, it was an innocent "panty raid." All in fun and games...yes, 854 fun games.

One of the victims of the theft wrote a letter to the police describing all that was missing, in great detail. At the end of the letter she states that they received some "strange phone calls" over the weekend...and "perhaps some new concerns."

Anthony will be serving some time, let's just say it's not a "brief" sentence.

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