As long as the sky cooperates this Sunday night, we're in for a viewing treat.


It's being reported that it'll last 62 minutes and a total lunar eclipse is going to be visible on the night of January 20-21 across North and South America.

A full moon in January is called a Wolf Moon and the one that will be seen this weekend just happens to be a "super blood moon".

Last year the U.S, was lucky enough to see a rare "super blue blood moon" which hadn't happened since 1866.

The blue moon is the second full moon in a month and is only seen every couple of years. We had two in 2018 that were only two months apart.

The 2019 total lunar eclipse is set to begin Sunday 1/20 at 11:41pm ET and will peak at 12:16am ET on 1/21. That would make it 10:41pm to 11:16pm for us here in the central time zone.

Back in 2000, the longest lunar eclipse took place, lasting 1 hour and 46.4 minutes.

July 27, 2018, was the last lunar eclipse, but we were unable to see it here in the United States. Making the one this weekend extra special.

According to NASA the next time this set to happen again is May 2021.



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