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This upcoming weekend will be a sneak peak into "Summer 2021" as temps climb into the 90's. We are due for a HOT summer, and Mother Nature is ready to let us sweat it all out as we return to "normal" summer activities....So what's up for this weekend?

Temps will climb as the week goes on, hitting 86 by Friday. Have you tried out your A/C yet this year, get ready for more hot Saturday and Sunday! With some cloud coverage on Saturday the high could top out at around 90 with the same thing on Sunday.

Do you know how to properly test if your air conditioning is working like it should? Here's a little three part test to see if you should call an expert or if you can do it yourself...WheatandSons

  • Lower Than Normal Air Flow - Check your filters, if you haven't cleaned or replaced a filter in a while this should do it. 
  • Noisy AC - An air conditioning unit that is working properly should run "quietly" and efficiently. No extra noises. 
  • Inefficient Cooling - Here's the most noticeable as the 90's hit. Dang it's hot in here but the AC is on??

Call a local heating and ac company with questions, before you break out the tool box and play Mr/Ms fix it. There are PLENTY of reliable and easy to work with local companies that could offer a quick fix to keep you cool as this weekend's hot temps arrive.

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