You're not going to believe this, but just the other day I saw someone share a Christmas countdown clock in my Facebook news feed. You know the one- "Only 89 sleeps 'til Christmas." Sigh. It's still September. Can we make it through Halloween and Thanksgiving first?

But, I digress. Someone once told me that it's important to always have something to look forward to, and for some people, I guess that's Christmas. Who am I to put a lump of coal in their stocking?

Even Stroll on State is already looking forward to the jolly holiday; and they're looking for something else too- the tree that will sit on State and Wyman for all of us to admire on foot and from the car.

Have you ever asked yourself where they get that tree from? Spoiler alert: it's not from a tree farm. Nope; according to their Facebook page, it could come from you.

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