If you love to travel, you've probably made a pitstop to some unusual roadside attractions because who knows how long it'll be until you return!

When I was younger, my parents always had us road trip to Florida for vacation.  We always stopped at this one flea market along the way.  Little did I know I'd stumble upon a new vendor, a man and his pet squirrel. It was actually kinda cute, but also the most unusual thing I've seen during a road trip.

ANYWAY, I've never seen this roadside attraction quite like this, but maybe you have!  It's called Henry's Rabbit Ranch.


The owner, Rich Henry, opened a visitors center fully stocked with endless souvenirs in his hometown of Staunton, Illinois because he realized there weren't enough around.

His daughter raised a pair of rabbits and, of course, they had a ton of babies.  She ended up running out of space in her apartment to raise all of them, so Rich took them in to live at the visitors center.  This is how the rabbit ranch was born!

OMG, Little Red and Phoenix are too adorable!

Soon enough, Rich's vision soon became a true Route 66 roadside attraction!

Don't be fooled, there's no actual gas at this vintage gas station replica.  Such a good photo opportunity, though!

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They even have vintage cars, plus Volkswagen Rabbits that go well with the theme of the roadside attraction.... Henry's Rabbit Ranch.

To top it off, there's a giant rabbit statue everybody can take a picture with!  Honestly, what a cool, unusual attraction we all can appreciate.

If you're headed down Route 66 in Illinois anytime soon, make sure to hop on by this stranger, yet surprisingly awesome attraction. Henry's Rabbit Ranch is located at 1107 Historic Old Rte 66, Staunton.  

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