Barrington Hills, IL Rep. David McSweeney filed a bill to reinstate the death penalty in Illinois.

According to The Southern Illinoisan "The Capital Crimes Litigation Act of 2019" has been filed by Mr. McSweeney to restore the death penalty.

“I don’t know if I’m going to get a hearing in the short run, but I’m sure going to focus on trying to get one, we still have violence and violent criminals in Illinois, and I hope we get (the death penalty) back. We need to get tough on crime.”  -  IL Rep. David McSweeney 

This state bill has one Illinois co-sponsor, Freeport's Republican Rep. Andrew Chesney.

Eight years ago former Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn signed a law eliminating the death penalty.

Ed Yohnka is against bringing the death penalty back to Illinois. Mr. Yohnka is a spokesperson for the "Illinois Chapter of The American Civil Liberties Union." He believes the death penalty in flawed:

“The supposed link between the death penalty and deterrence has never been proven, and to roll in mass shootings in Texas, a state that actually executes more inmates than any other state in the country, the idea somehow that it’s going to bar or deter mass shootings is just fantasy.”  - Ed Yohnka

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