Not far from Rockford is a custom treehouse where you can spend the night.

When I  was a kid, I always wanted a treehouse. There was only one problem with that request, the trees in our yard weren't big enough to build one in. Funny thing, I can't remember any of my friends or family having one either. I guess I saw them in movies and on television. I wanted the kind of treehouse that was more like an actual room of a house where my friends and I could hang out and have sleepovers.

Years later, I've seen these reality shows about the ultimate treehouses. You know the kind that our a lot better than my real house. I thought it would be cool to travel somewhere exotic and rent one out instead of a hotel room. I don't think my family would approve that vacation.

Recently, I found out that there's a cool treehouse in Schaumburg where you can spend the night. This is no kid's fort.

It looks like a pretty cool place.

According to,

"If you’re looking for a unique getaway that will lift your spirits, book a trip to this treehouse rental in Schaumburg, Illinois while the weather is still nice. This isn’t your childhood treehouse. Indoor plumbing and A/C make this structure special. Keep reading to learn more about it."

Here are some of the amenities...

  • kitchenette
  • microwave
  • fridge
  • coffeemaker
  • dishes
  • full-size bed
  • twin sleeper sofa
  • cedar hot tub
  • fireplace
  • hammock
  • gas grill
  • WiFi
  • DVD player
  • TV with HBO, Showtime, other cable channels
  • gardens on the grounds that guests enjoy
  • cannabis-friendly for legal use
  • Plenty of sights, restaurants, and stores close by

What's the rent because I'm ready to move in.

For more info, HERE.


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