After numerous talks, rumors, now there WON'T be a Rockford casino?


So the plan for months even years, has been Rockford getting a casino. Imagine the possibilities. Jobs for the city, tourists coming in to spend money, and not to mention the state and city chipping away at our giant debt. But, maybe the state's poker face fooled us all.

After this giant blunder of a state wide tax increase, (that Gov Rauner did veto) the idea of a Rockford casino didn't even get a sniff. Even though the senate gave the Rockford casino their blessing, the Illinois House didn't even take it to vote! What in the hell Illinois.

Gov. Rauner has been quoted as saying numerous times that the Rockford casino was O.K. in his book and that he would sign it into law. But now will it even happen?

There is a giant, historic structure that at one time "told time" for everyone driving on I-90 past Rockford. This landmark and it's new owners have some amazing plans to better the Rockford economy, but now will that even happen?



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