Seven people ranging in ages of 67 to 28, were arrested in Wisconsin for a massive drug bust! WeAreGreenBay

Zxc, Wikimedia Commons
Zxc, Wikimedia Commons

Law enforcement in Hansen, Wisconsin (Mmmbop!) executed five search warrants that led to a large sized bust. Guns, drugs, old people...

Handcuffs and cocaine on black background.

What did this ragtag group of naughty folks have in their possession? A large quantity of methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin. It was all seized and there's some people from Hansen, Wi that probably won't be handing out Halloween candy this year...Thank goodness, right? Of course there were guns and some cash laying around as well.

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Here are the names of these famous folks:

55-year-old John Andereggen

31-year-old Crystal Van Ert

30-year-old Crystal Volk

42-year-old John Brogan

28-year-old Stephanie Bennett

54-year-old Mark Reiss

67-year-old Patricia Kuter

There were repeat offenders for manufacturing meth, and possession with the intent to sell meth. Well that's gonna keep you locked up for a while.

Sascha Burkard

Other things these beautiful people were busted for, include:

Possession of cocaine

Possession of THC

Possession of Heroin

Child neglect

Possession of drug paraphernalia

Possession of firearms 

Obstructing and resisting arrest


The giant bust used officers from several agencies. It was like an episode of "Cops: Green Bay," well maybe not...

These search warrants were executed in two locations, in the Town of Hansen and the Village of Vesper. These names are pretty special all by themselves, the people and the locations.


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