There was a lot of drama at the time that Stone Temple Pilots announced their decision to split with longtime frontman Scott Weiland and replace him with Chester Bennington, but the legal fireworks discussed at the time have apparently fizzled out quietly behind the scenes.

Little has been heard on the legal matters since the initial public comments back and forth, but in a new interview with Ultimate Guitar, Weiland alludes to the fact that the legal issues between himself and his former band have been settled.

When asked about his feelings concerning Chester Bennington taking over on vocals, Weiland responded, "I really don't think about it that much. It's like our legal suits we had going are way behind us now. They're doing what they're doing and I'm doing what I'm doing and I wish them luck."

Stone Temple Pilots released an EP called High Rise with Bennington in October 2013, and the disc yielded the chart-topping single "Out of Time." Since Bennington is still in Linkin Park, as well, it's limited Stone Temple Pilots' ability to tour and promote their music. However, the group has been back in the studio with Bennington of late working on their next album.

Meanwhile, Scott Weiland is set to release a new album called Blaster on March 31 with his backing band the Wildabouts. Weiland also spent some time lending vocals to a self-titled disc for a new band called Art of Anarchy, but he's been adamant that he will not be part of the group going forward.

Speaking with Ultimate Guitar about Art of Anarchy, Weiland stated, "It's just something I kinda got into when I wasn't doing anything else and just wrote some melodies and lyrics to. I sang over these stereo tracks and then sent it back. But I'm not in the band. It will be cool once they find a lead singer so check 'em out when they play live. But it's not something I'm a part of."

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