As the dozens of Rush magazine ads below show, the band always placed a strong emphasis on high-quality and thought-provoking artwork.

From the surprisingly intimidating owl on 1975's Fly by Night to the anti-conformity imagery of 2112's "man in the star" to the young man casually kicking human skulls down the street on 1991's Roll the Bones, Rush album covers are designed to make a big impact.

You'll find clever, eye-catching magazine ads and posters promoting all of Rush's studio albums, as well as various live records and solo projects. We've also included a handful of vintage guitar and gear ads, and a selection of promotional press photos.

Even though we've learned not to trust any artist's retirement plans, Rush's recording and touring career appears to have ended with the 2015 R40 tour. Citing a desire to be with his family, plus the damage decades of touring and performing has done to his body, drummer Neil Peart has pretty much vanished from the public eye. Guitarist Alex Lifeson has guested on albums by a wide range of artists, and frontman Geddy Lee assembled the appropriately named Big Beautiful Book of Bass.

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