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The Rockton Village is ready to provide the snowy, winter fun with the 6th Annual Yeti Fest. Friday Feb 5th and Saturday Feb 6th, downtown Rockton will be filled with fun for the entire family.

Friday will have Dog sledding (mushing) with the "Free Spirit Sled Demo Team," Friday night from 4 - 8 pm and a second day of dogs on Saturday afternoon from 12 pm - 3 pm.

Saturday beginning at 10 am is the "Yeti Scavenger Hunt." Hunt for your favorite yetis in store windows throughout downtown Rockton, as well as have fun doing winter activities. Once you find a Yeti, you post it to social media with: #rocktonyetifest2021 For a bonus, if you get your picture with the actual Yeti, (Steve, is that you?) You automatically win! You will be able to get your scavenger hunt sheet HERE beginning this Wednesday. Prizes can be clamed at Village Hall on Saturday from 1p-4p (while prize packs last).

Here's a video of dog sledding from last years "Yeti Fest."


The outdoor skating rink has been repaired, and is ready for some skaters as well. A group of local volunteers. Dig out your ice skates this weekend, and head to Village Green Park for some ice time in Rockton.

All of these activities provide a safe, social distancing version of "Yeti Fest." Get out and support Rockton for all the fun it offers.

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