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Illinois State Representative Adam Kinzinger took to Twitter today, calling for the removal of President Donald Trump.

I am not willing to engage in a politically fueled conversation, and these statements do relate to my opinions...just sharing the video posted by Mr. Kinzinger.

According to MYSTATELINE Rockford's Kinzinger states President Trump should be removed from office, using the 25th Amendment. This is in response to the situation yesterday that damaged the U.S. Capital. The 25th Amendment states that if the President of the United States becomes unable to do the job, he should be removed and the Vice President assumes the office.

“It’s time to invoke the 25th Amendment and end this nightmare, here’s the truth, the President caused this. The President is unfit and the President is unwell, and the President must now relinquish control of the Executive Branch voluntarily or involuntarily.” - Adam Kinzinger 

Here is the video he posted:



With the country days away from Joe Biden being sworn into office, is this something that will be pursued? State Rep Adam Kinzinger has never really bit his tongue, and speaks his mind. These are some big words, I wonder how many other Republican state reps will back Adam's comments?

With Twitter, Facebook and Instagram now suspending the President of the United State's social media accounts...in 2021 things are looking and reading differently.

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