I don't know about you, but a part of me always gets a little excited when my home town or state gets some kind nod in a movie or TV show.

Whether it's just a character saying "Minnesota" or "Minneapolis," or it's a scene features a familiar face, it makes me smile.

Ever see the movie Fargo? Whenever they show the Minneapolis skyline, I squeal a little inside.

How about Mallrats? That movie was filmed in the shopping mall that I hung out at for most of my childhood; the Eden Prairie Center. I still get excited when it randomly pops up on TBS; and despite seeing it 1,000 times, I'll always watch it.

I get a familiar feeling when it comes to Illinois references now too; especially this one from the Netflix original film that just came out on Friday, When We First Met.

Take a look at the trailer and you'll notice that "Avery" is wearing a very familiar Halloween costume.

I watched the film on Saturday and really enjoyed it; it's a mindless romp of a romantic comedy and if that's sort of your thing, then you'll definitely like this flick. And, you might even be like me, and crack a smile whenever you see "Avery" in her Rockford Peaches Halloween costume.

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