While it's a good thing for any organization, public or private, to balance their budget, it's tough when enjoyable things have to disappear.

For months, the Rockford Park District has been asking us (taxpayers) what we most want from our parks. What do we want more of, less of, or not at all. What things or services do we want that we currently don't. Their research was done to help decide exactly how they would accomplish the task of balancing a $62 million operating budget for 2019 and not raise our taxes.

According to mystateline.com, the new budget consists of $35 million for operations and $26 million for capital expenditures. Park District executive director, Jay Sandine, said,

"This is the community's park district. It's not the staff's park district. It's not my park district. We're here to respond to what the community wants for their park district."

Trolley Car 36
Rockford Park District

The cuts include Trolley 36 and the Forest City Queen riverboat. The trolley and the riverboat will be active during Rockford City Market. The trolley will also be active during the All Aglow Christmas event.

Sand park pool will remain closed for at least the next couple years. With all the EPA work going around the pool, it would not be a pleasant place to be.

The Six Flags takeover of Magic Waters is not a cash windfall for the district either, but it was critical to balancing the budget without making more cuts. To read how, click here.

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