After news broke that the closure of Riverview Ice House, and the consolidation of ice facilities in Rockford was eminent, a group of concerned citizens started a petition to save it, and it looks like their wish has been granted...for now.

The Rockford Park District sent out a press release Thursday that said;

Rockford Park District Executive Director Jay Sandine shared with the Board of Commissioners at a recent virtual park board meeting that the District has been approached by a few organizations interested in potentially providing the funding needed to keep Riverview Ice House open.  Because of this, Rockford Park District Board of Commissioners will not be taking action on the recommendation to consolidate ice facilities.  Commissioners will wait to see if this interest results in securing the $6 million needed to renovate Riverview Ice House and to secure a new and continuous revenue stream to offset the current property tax revenues used to subsidize both ice facilities.

The press release also says that since Riverview Ice House is in such bad shape and could nearly break down at a minute, the Board of Commissioners has asked for an agreement from these interested organizations to be drawn up in the next two or three weeks. That probably a good way to save their behinds if the worse case scenario happens?

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