Sometimes when you are hungry, you'll eat anything.

Photo - Captain Jack
Photo - Captain Jack

I always questioned what was in the school food. Hot lunch seemed like a dance with the devil sometimes. Today we are serving meatloaf, o.k. what the hell is in that. Also as much as i did enjoy pizza day in high school, seriously what was that square thing made of?

But you know what, when you're hungry like really hungry sometimes you just go for it. Are you willing to risk your health just to fill up your belly? What if you had a few too many and when you get home you're starving? Sometimes those mystery nachos you throw in the microwave are exactly what you need.

I came across this in the break room today. This is the weirdest looking jello with fruit I've ever seen. But again, people were eating it. At what point did people think, I know it's pasta salad but was there jello in here before?



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