A kid in Rockford armed with a BB gun robbed a man of his beer and more.

First of all, I am relieved that no one got hurt. In situations like this, it is very easy for something to go wrong and the outcome could be tragic.

Plus, there is a bonus. The suspect was caught, arrested, and now is in jail. Though, it is another sad situation that a Rockford youth finds himself in trouble with the law. Hopefully, it will not ruin their lives. Maybe, they can learn from their mistake and still make something of themselves.

You have to feel bad for the victim. He is just trying to pick up some beer and have a relaxing evening but now his life is forever changed.

I was robbed once and it was not a fun experience. I was in Chicago with some friends going to a concert. I was staying overnight at a hotel. I went back out to my car to get some stuff. A guy held me up and took all my money. It ruined my weekend that s for sure.

According to rrstar.com.

"A 17-year-old boy was charged with armed robbery Sunday night after police say he used a BB gun to rob a man who was walking home from a store. Police say the teen brandished a weapon, which was later identified as a BB gun, and told the man to hand over his wallet, keys and cellphone, as well as two cases of beer. The man was not injured."

I hope the man got all his things back. It is hard enough to replace all that stuff without a pandemic going on. Plus, I think he's going to need a few beers after this whole situation.

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