Am I the only one that's jealous of these types of paranormal phenomena?

I mean, sure it would be terrifying but at the same time, I wouldn't roll my eyes when I read about this kind of stuff.

If I saw the Mothman or whatever 21-year-old Rockford resident Jonathan Lane says he came into contact with, I'd be more openminded.

Either way, Lane shared his story of a "giant, shapeless, black thing" with "two very large red eyes" with Singular Fortean.

The Singular Fortean Society is based out of Madison, Wisconsin, but operates globally. We welcome stories and community members from anywhere people experience the impossible.

Lane shared a story with Singular Fortean of an August night back in 2016 where he says he may have actually had a run-in with The Mothman.

I hear a noise that’s like screeching brakes or something and I instantly look up. There’s a big tree in our yard and I see this giant, shapeless, black thing—and it has two very large red eyes. As soon as I made eye contact with it, it made that sound again.

Lane says ridicule from others is the reason why he hasn't gone public with the story sooner. He also shares another story of a UFO encounter albeit a year later.

I feel two different supernatural occurrences coming from the same person kind of hurt the original story's credibility but it might just be me.

All that said, there have been numerous accounts of others in Rockford and throughout the state that say they have seen The Mothman, so who knows? Maybe Lane's story is the real deal.

What about you? Do you believe in The Mothman or is it a bunch of malarkey?

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