Heading South on Alpine this week, I hit the Riverside four way stop which is usually entertaining. But the level of entertainment this time, next level.

On a normal day there's people WALKING IN THE ROAD collecting money that apparently will stop gang violence. I didn't know there was a dollar amount that made gangs say, "well, I guess we are done." "Oh shoot, they collected $1000...here's my gun." So there's those folks, good luck to you.

Secondly there are the homeless individuals that will sit or stand wearing Air Jordan's and collect according to reports, $100 a day! These are also the homeless folks that people throw fish at. What a wild world we live it.

Today I witnessed a homeless guy "talent show." This fella had a nice guitar (could probably pawn that for $) and was walking in the intersection playing a happy tune, well maybe just a tune.

I've listened over and over and can't make out what he's playing. So this is where I turn to you. Crank the volume and let me know what this song is:

Pink Floyd's "Money" would have been a great choice. But I don't think that's right.

So here's your job, figure out the song. Maybe Double T can have him come play covers in the studio? Maybe TT can bring him to live remotes?

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Enjoy...and don't throw fish, people.



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