The Rockford Police Department acted on a tip Sunday night that there was a "shooting threat" at Jefferson High School scheduled for today, Monday November 1st. MyStateline


Social media was in a rage on Sunday with word that there was a planned shooting at Jefferson High School for today, November 1st 2021. The Rockford Police Department acted swiftly and issued a statement that school will resume as normal to start the new week.

Obviously with such a serious subject matter and something that puts all parents and students in a fearful situation, making sure that "all is clear" is something the Rockford Police Department does not take lightly.

Some parents will still choose to keep their students at home today, but as reported on WTVO the Rockford Police Department and Jefferson High School have made it clear that school will resume as "normal" today.


Of course if you have any information about this threat, the Rockford Police Department asks that the public call the non-emergency line at 815-966-2900 if you have any information regarding the threat.

As of the writing of this story, school is set to resume as normal at Jefferson High School.

Something as serious as a "school shooting" brings a lot of mixed emotions to the surface, as seen on the MyStateline Facebook Page:

My child will not be there. Get me for truancy but her life is way more important than funding received for sitting in that seat - Sicily Bailey

So does this mean there will be security check on every student to ensure everyone’s safety! Hopefully this kid that made and posted these threats is held accountable and at the very least charged as a domestic terrorist attempt! These kids need to be held accountable for threats like these. Why wait until something happens then it’s to late for everyone! - Humberto Medina

We need to take these threats seriously!!!! Look at the past! People/ schools didn’t take threats seriously and look at what happened... so many students dead for not taking the threats SERIOUSLY!!!! I hope there is a lot of police presence there this morning!!! - Maria Samano Medina

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