For anyone who's married, you remember your wedding day like it was yesterday. From the flowers to the cake and everything in between, you even remember when your future brother-in-law's cell phone went off during the ceremony; but the one thing that sticks out the most is that feeling you had when you walked down the aisle.

You spent months, maybe even years getting to know your love and yet seeing them waiting for you at the end of the aisle almost felt like it was the first time you met. You still get butterflies just thinking about it.

That's probably how Cody Knapek will feel as he was watches his bride-to-be walk down the aisle; except I'm guessing his butterflies will be accompanied by a lot of sweat because for him, it will be the first time he meets his future wife.

Meet Cody, a business owner and personal trainer from Rockford.

Cody was actually my personal trainer for a short period of time and not only did he make significant changes in his own life when it comes to health and wellness, but he's also helped hundreds of other people in Rockford begin a successful journey to healthy lifestyle.

But will he be as good of a husband as he is a personal trainer? We'll soon find out because Married at First Sight's 5th season, starring Cody and 5 other singles, premieres on Lifetime on April 20th.

Set your DVRs because Cody says, "Buckle up your seat belt it's about to be a wild ride."

Good luck, Cody.

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