The pain you feel from the bitter cold this past winter isn't over quite yet.

Rockford officials pass along the news that the City’s electric aggregation supplier will be adding a one-time surcharge to upcoming bills for customers served by the agreement with First Energy Solutions:

The surcharge is a regulatory charge passed through by PJM Interconnection, the agency responsible for managing electric supply in the region. The charge was triggered by extreme weather in January, which increased demand and caused other supply issues.

Melissa Fawver, Getty Images
Melissa Fawver, Getty Images

Offcials say the charge is allowed as a pass through in the terms and conditions of the agreement between Rockford customers and First Energy Solutions. It should appear on your May, June or July bills.

How much? The estimate is most residents will see approximately $5 tacked on. More information is available on First Energy Solution’s website.

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